This is us

We are Markus and Stephanie, founders and owners of tempehmanufaktur.

We have been involved with tempeh for a very long time and have always been fascinated by the fermentation process and the product.
Because there was hardly any tempeh to buy in Germany over 20 years ago, we quickly started making tempeh ourselves. What started at home in the kitchen is now a family business with almost 50 employees in the beautiful Allgäu region!
The conservation of resources is particularly important to us.
At tempehmanufaktur, we only process certified organic raw materials and have been certified organic since the company was founded in 2010.

Markus und Stephanie tempeh

When selecting our raw materials, we pay particular attention to origin and quality, which is why we always use locally grown pulses wherever possible.

Our drive and motivation is to produce an outstanding and exceptional product every day and to inspire you with it!