The conservation of resources and environmentally responsible behaviour are particularly important to us.

tempehmanufaktur has been certified organic since it was founded in 2010. Regular and unannounced inspections by independent institutions guarantee traceable organic quality.

We try to source all raw materials - from pulses to packaging film - as regionally as possible in order to minimise transport distances.

Regional cultivation projects

We know how valuable the cultivation of pulses is, because they make a significant contribution to preserving our environment, which is worth protecting. Pulses root very deeply and loosen the soil, helping to build up humus and thus contribute to soil health.

Nodule bacteria on the roots bind nitrogen from the air, which can make nitrogen fertilisation superfluous and thus also increase soil fertility for the following crop. This makes pulses a key component in crop rotation for organic farms. This is why we support sustainable cultivation projects for our pulses in the Allgäu region and are very proud that we have already been able to purchase beans from farmers in the immediate vicinity.

Social and fair

In addition to our commitment to the environment, social projects are also very important to us. Every year, we donate to a wide range of social projects - from regional to international.

Insect-friendly terrain

The green spaces on our company premises are a microhabitat island that provides a habitat for many insects. We work together with the Günztal Cultural Landscape Foundation, which helps us to make our environment more diverse and colourful and thus counteract the extinction of insects. We know how important insects are for our world - not least for pollinating the pulses that we use to make delicious tempeh. The microhabitat consists of various "small habitats", such as deadwood structures, nesting mounds and wetland hollows, which offer insects and other animals the most diverse and natural living conditions possible in a small space.

Energy and environment

The modern technical equipment in our company building in Immenthal in Ostallgäu enables us to work in a particularly resource-saving and ecological way.

With our own photovoltaic system, we produce the majority of the energy we need ourselves with the help of the sun. Since 2023, we have also been able to use heat from regional district heating, which is powered by a wood chip system from sustainable forestry.

Our intelligent heat recovery also contributes to energy-saving production.

We are proud to be able to produce our tempeh almost energy self-sufficiently and not to be dependent on fossil resources.