Tomato carpaccio


Refreshing, quick and easy to prepare! This tomato carpaccio is the perfect starter or light supper.

Tempeh grill skewers


How about tempeh on the grill? Have you ever tried it?
These skewers with vegetables and tempeh are so easy to make and really healthy too!

Chilli bowl


This chilli bowl brings colour and a good mood into the kitchen!

Glass noodle salad

Glasnudel Salat mit BlackBean Tempeh

The glass noodle salad is wonderfully refreshing and combines glass noodles with crunchy vegetables and a flavoursome dressing.

Wraps with tempeh

Wraps mit Tempeh

Plant-based, high in protein and quick to make! Tempeh wraps always work!

Mango coconut tempeh

Mango Kokos Tempeh

Fruity, creamy and delicious: tempeh in mango-coconut sauce brings exotic flavour to your kitchen!