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Our tempeh

Unser Tempeh

Our tempeh is lovingly handmade in our family business in the Allgäu. We only process raw ingredients of the highest quality, naturally GMO-free and from organic, sustainable farming.

Soya tempeh

Soja Tempeh

The basis for our delicious soy tempeh is the best organic soya beans from cultivation areas in Germany and Austria. Tempeh made from soya beans has a mild, fine nutty flavour that develops perfectly, especially when fried.

Our soya tempeh is available plain and ready-to-pan flavoured in various delicious varieties.

Tempeh Lupine

Lupin tempeh


Our lupin tempeh is made from the white sweet lupin. Most of the organic lupins for our tempeh are grown in Germany, for example by farmers in Thuringia.

Tempeh made from lupins has a fine, tangy flavour and a pithy texture.

Tempeh Schwarze Bohnen Tempeh


BlackBean Tempeh

The BlackBean tempeh not only enriches our range visually! The tempeh made from black beans tastes wonderfully strong and is an enrichment for any dish, especially when fried with delicious roasted flavours.

Until a few years ago, black beans were rarely grown in Europe. However, thanks to great cultivation projects in the region and climatic changes, the cultivation of black beans is becoming increasingly successful and we are able to source more and more produce regionally.


Tempeh burger


In addition to soya beans, our tempeh burgers also have kidney beans in tow! This combination delivers a very special flavour.

The patties mature directly in the round mould and are refined with a hearty marinade of smoked paprika and tasty spices.