Soja Tempeh

You're probably wondering what tempeh actually is.

Don't worry, we'll be happy to explain!

Tempeh is a high-quality plant-based food made from fermented pulses. It originally comes from Indonesia and has become increasingly popular worldwide in recent years.

The production process for tempeh is quite simple, yet fascinating. The beans are first cooked and then fermented with a special noble mould of the Rhizopus genus. This fungus binds the pulses into a solid block during the fermentation process.

Tempeh has a firm consistency and a characteristic, slightly nutty flavour. It is extremely versatile in use - the possible applications are almost unlimited!

Discover the fascinating world of tempeh now and be amazed by its versatility and flavour!

The speciality:

Tempeh Schwarze Bohnen Tempeh


Tempeh is purely plant-based by nature. No animal substances are used in the production of tempeh and only plant-based raw materials are used in our production.

Tempeh is therefore ideal for a vegan lifestyle, contains no lactose and is an excellent source of nutrients.

Tempeh Sojabohnen


Tempeh is made from whole beans and contains a wealth of valuable nutrients, such as high-quality protein. The fermentation process of the pulses means that the body can break down and absorb the proteins they contain very well.


Tempeh contains the whole legume and is therefore rich in vegetable protein and fibre. Tempeh is produced through a natural fermentation process and is therefore only minimally processed.


The fermentation of the pulses makes tempeh something very special. Maturation with the noble mould makes the beans easier to digest and creates a unique flavour.